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  • President_bush_with_corn
    Pictures of the Blicky bloc and his children and President.

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Web sites

  • The Orthodox Church in America
    This is my Church. They help me not to be so cynical..... Yes I am capital O Orthodox. I like a religion that is based on paradox. it makes me feel much more stable.
  • Columbia's Free Times
    This is a better place to get news about Columbia. You get a real entertaining and thoughtful consideration of the city rather than a overworked and blighted study of tired idealism. Also there are interesting ads.
  • The State Newspaper
    This is a very University of South Carolina influenced newspaper. They have a very definite leftist slant. Meaning they really really believe that Government can help - and it shows. They want government to work especially in Education so they pretend that Public education system is not the hotbed of racist, sexist and elitist tomfoolery that it actually is and that our State Assembly is not really a Good Old Boys club but a place where actual governance occurs.